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You’ve probably heard all kinds of disparate predictions about the demise of email marketing, but what the evidence shows is that it’s still an integral component of your online marketing mix, both now and down the road. As reported by’s UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report, there’s been a solid increase in average email open rates, rising from 18.35 percent to 21.47 percent within the past year. Also, (and even more exciting) the average return on your email marketing investment is now a mind-numbing $44.25 for each dollar spent. 

So how do you to take advantage of this?

Here are 5 easy ways to get your email marketing efforts heading in the right direction!

  1. Create great subject lines – Headlines matter, as your open rates will tank if you overlook this aspect. Invest time to craft a subject line that makes people want to open your email. This is usually a combination of curiosity, excitement, urgency, beneficial and spam compliant.
  2. Write engaging content – Make certain your emails are not only written to engage, but they are also offering great content unique to your brand. Over-deliver when it comes to giving out pearls of wisdom, as that is presumably why they’re subscribed to and following you in the first place, correct?
  3. Incorporate social media – This is a easy way to spread your emails around, especially those with terrific content. Implement social sharing buttons in your emails, and encourage your users to use them. This can result in easy new opt-ins.
  4. Deliver mobile-friendly emails – Now that 64 percent of decision makers read their email on their mobile device,(TopRankBlog) and the average person checks their smartphone some 34 times a day, isn’t it time to make sure your emails are  mobile friendly?
  5. Mail more often – This one is sometimes counter-intuitive. We don’t want to keep sending messages that people don’t want. True, if you’re selling every email, or worse, delivering spam. Instead, keep delivering amazing content that is building your brand. Copyblogger reports that your unsubscribes actually decrease if you’re mailing more frequently, with good content.

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